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Swarm Call List

Please note: Unless denoted by an asterisk, the individuals listed below DO NOT remove bees from walls.

Bay County
• Auburn John Bacon 989-662-6694
• Chuck Finlan 989-948-1781

• Bay City Vernon Arndt 989-684-0555
• Dennis Klein 989-751-9367

Eaton County
• Eaton County, Jerry Jones 248-625-4512 (Cell: 586-915-6186)

Genesee County
• Grand Blanc, Clint Spencer 810-694-0052

• Clio, Flint, Mt Morris, Grand Blanc, Swartz Creek, Linden, Fenton Areas,
 Wayne Alger 810-223-1926

• Mt Morris Area, Robert Pattison 810-938-9934

• Flint Area, Ron Gill 810-908-9128

• Frankenmuth Steve+Roxi Davidek 989-652-3843

• Genesee County, Jerry Jones 248-625-4512 (Cell: 586-915-6186)

• Genesee County, Davison Area, Steve Kaupilla 810-348-0773

• Davison Jim and Wilma Dodder 810-653-8547

• Davison, Flint, Otisville, Lapeer, Genesee and Lapeer County
Paul Barton 810-919-0396

Gladwin County
• Gladwin Charles Clore 989-426-7865
• John Dwyer 989-578-0466

Ingham County
• Lansing, Dean Cross 517-694-9619

• SE Ingham County, Loie Craft 517-851-8408

• Ingham County, Mike French 517-569-3428

Lapeer County
• *Lapeer, Al Cascaddan 810-797-4594 (Cell: 810-407-3894)

• Northern Lapeer, Richard Leonard 810-688-7387

• Lapeer, Matt Glaser 810-614-2488

• Lapeer, North Branch, Fostoria, Vern Martin 989-795-2112

• Davison, Flint, Otisville, Lapeer, Genesee and Lapeer County
Paul Barton 810-919-0396

Livingston County
• Howell, Mike Siarkowski 517-545-0824

• SW Livingston, Mike French 517-569-3428

• Livingston County, Keith & Kathleen Carter
248-374-9683 (Keith Cell: 313-549-0795 Kathleen Cell: 517-375-5996)

Macomb County
• Romeo, John Hernandez 586-336-9706 (Cell: 586-202-5618)

• Macomb County, Dennis Holly 248-524-1316

• Macomb County, Brian Neumeyer 586-752-9382

• Northern Macomb Area, Eddie Proctor 586-752-0326 (Cell: 586-871-8185)

• Macomb County, Jerry Jones 248-625-4512 (Cell: 586-915-6186)

Midland County
• Midland Julie Maurer 989-631-6735

• Sanford Julie Maurer 989-631-6735

• St. Charles Terry and Mary Klein 989-865-9377

Monroe County
• Monroe County, Ron Colf 734-654-8316

Oakland County
• Oakland County, Dennis Holly 248-524-1316

• Rochester, Brian Neumeyer 586-752-9382

• West Bloomfield & Farmington, Bob Radtke 248-420-1822

• *Northern Oakland County, Don Schram 248-310-8205

• Oakland County, Jim Armstrong 248-473-4187

• SE Oakland County, Rich Wieske 248-705-5181

• SW Oakland County, Barbara Danielsen 248-318-8044

• Oakland County, Jerry Jones 248-625-4512 (Cell: 586-915-6186)

Saginaw County
• Freeland Norm Adams 989-496-7429

• Saginaw Area, Brad Perez 989-996-5142

• Saginaw Tom Rohde 989-799-1662

• Saginaw Mike Smith 989-777-881

• Saginaw Alan Snook 989-980-0471

• Saginaw Lowell Swartzenruber 989-792-8549

• Southern Saginaw or Gratiot County Wilbur and Diane Sewell
989-737-6763 989-737-3841

• Hemlock Joe and Phyllis Shlien 989-642-6656

• Hemlock Rick McKeage 989-642-5107

Shiawassee County
• Birch Run, Burt, Clio, Chesaning, Montrose Aaron Edenburn 989-996-5057

• Birch Run, Burt, Clio, Chesaning, Montrose Chris Persall 810-990-7016

Tuscola County
• Tuscola, Matt Glaser 810-614-2488

• Mayville Bob and Carol Gibelyou 989-843-0610

• Mayville Henry and Carolyn Wymore 989-843-6092

• Mayville Therese (Bristol) and Ken Miller 989-553-0709

• Vassar Richard Brigham 989-673-3719

Washtenaw County

• Ann Arbor, Roger Sutherland 734-668-8568

• Ann Arbor, John Piette 734-332-0737
• Ann Arbor, Richard Mendel 734-660-8621

• West Ann Arbor, Deborah Zahn-Simmons 734-662-3886
(Cell: 734-645-8431)

• SE Washtenaw County, Roxane Hook 734-461-6136
(Cell: 734-216-0418)

• Western Washtenaw County, Peter Sutherland 734-424-0924

• Eastern Washtenaw County, Randy Evanhoff 734-981-0103
(Cell: 734-218-1831)

Wayne County

• Plymouth, Win Harless –- 734-453-2914 (Cell: 734-546-4563)

• Plymouth-Canton, Tom Stafford 734-277-1555

• Garden City, Jeff Brown 734-837-3800

• Southern Wayne County, Ron Colf 734-654-8316

• Romulus & Huron Township, Mazin Malallah 734-922-3640

• Downriver & Surrounding Counties, Michael Sautter 313-383-4595
(Cell: 313-220-7729)

• Detroit, Rich Wieske 248-705-5181

• NW Wayne County, Barbara Danielsen 248-318-8044

• Wayne County, Oscar Estrada 734-502-3314

• Western Wayne County, Randy Evanhoff 734-981-0103 (Cell: 734-218-1831)
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[color=green][size=14]Good Afternoon Fellow Beekeepers,

It's time for Mid-Michigan Beekeepers Club Meeting

When: Thursday June 7th, 2012

Where: [/b]Richfield Township Hall
5381 N. State Road
Davison MI 48423

Time: doors open at 6:30p.m. Meeting starts at 7:00p.m.

Our guest speaker for our June meeting is Cindy Dudock, President of Saginaw Valley.

Cindy will be talking on her visit to The Ohio Apitherapy Day (using bee products for your health) The speakers are very educated on the subject.This program is very interesting and educational. The speakers at the Apitherapy Day was Donald Downs, Jim Higgins, Kristine Jacobson, David Richmond and Jerry Catana. This is noted to be the best one day program about apitherapy that I know of. There are over 110 years of experience between the speakers.

So if your interested in Bee Sting therapy please bring your questions to the meeting and Cindy will answer to the best of her knowledge.

We will also be taking to a vote to have our July meeting changed tis year from July 5 ti July 12 due to the fourth of July falling in the middle of the week.

Also we will be discussing our club picnic that will be held August 11 at the pavillion behind the township hall where we meet and a few ways to raise funds to help out.

There will be time for any questions you may have.

Look Forward to seeing you at the meeting.

Barb Applebee, President
Mid0MIchigan Beekeepers Club
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Picnic Clarifications!

Wood ware Build Day & Hot Dog lunch for Anthony Bee Farm

When: June 2nd beginning at 11am
Where: 1268 Nichols Rd, Swartz Creek MI 48473
What to bring: A dish to pass
What is Provided: Hot Dogs provided courtesy of Terry Toland
Tools & Stuff: Contact Terry Toland before overloading your truck, He is coordinating the build (Terry: 1-248-421-6601)

Seven Ponds Beekeepers Picnic..."A Wing Ding of a Picnic" (BYOBBQ Sauce! & we provide the Wings)

When: July 24th Club Hives open at 5:30pm & then picnic & games during the regular club hours
Where: Seven Ponds Nature Center, 3854 Crawford Rd., Dryden, MI 48428
Who to Bring: Your family & Bee Inquisitive Friends
What to Bring: A dish to pass & Your BBQ Contest Entry (Honey BBQ that is!)
If you'd like to Bring....Angie will make a pinata for the little kids, and also "corn hole" & "hillbilly golf" lawn games...If you have a creative idea for a kids/teen game just bring it along!
What is Provided: Our energetic grill masters are changing over to fry masters this year, as Chicken Wings for BBQ Dipping will be the main dish!

As always enjoy your month of Beekeeping!
Hope to see you at one of our upcoming social events,
Angie Foster
Seven Ponds Beekeeping Club meets at Seven Ponds Nature Center and is
located at 3854 Crawford Rd., Dryden, MI 48428, west of Lake George
Rd. President Terry Toland can be contacted at (248) 421-6601. Also,
all tips and hints are OPINION and are not to be considered to be the
final word or the ideas or opinions of the bee club itself. The
reader assumes all risk to their bees, equipment and honey production.
We meet the FOURTH TUESDAY of the month, weather and holiday
permitting. Guests are invited and encouraged. If you have questions
or comments for Secretary, Angie Foster, simply reply to this email.
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[size=14]Flood Seriously Impacts Anthony’s Bee Farm – MBA Requests Your Help


Don Schram
Secretary, Michigan Beekeepers’ Association
Hello Beekeepers,

Watching the news, I’m sure you’re aware of the disastrous flooding that has occurred in the mid-Michigan area near Flint in the past couple days. We’re receiving reports that high flood waters claimed the operation of our former MBA president and one of our most active club members, David Anthony and Anthony’s Bee Farm.

Currently, David and his family are concentrating their efforts on their home and salvaging possessions lost when the flood waters rose after the intense storms that rolled through the area on Thursday evening. The search for his hives has not yet begun, but where the hives were located, the water is standing 3 feet deep. He speculates that over 250 hives are lost, either underwater or swept somewhere downstream, and that this disaster spells the end of his operation.

The Michigan Beekeepers’ Association feels differently.

In brief conversations with the MBA board, some of the local clubs that help make up the MBA, along with some of the membership, it is consensus that we will not let such a key member of Michigan beekeeping go quietly. We are asking for your support in helping to rebuild David Anthony.

If you can help, in any way, please stand ready! We are waiting to hear from David and his wife, Sandy, as to what their needs are. We are anticipating the dire need for bees. If you can donate a hive, raise a few extra queens, contribute a caught swarm, or even lend a frame of brood to make a split from, we need your help! Donations need not be monetary! Your time, and any equipment and bees you can spare, in addition to your good thoughts, are what is needed at this time of emergency.

The Michigan Beekeepers’ Association is dedicated to helping our own. Please, help us help each other.

Donations and offers of assistance should be directed to your local bee club or to Terry Toland, MBA president.
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Update on Dave Anthony’s Situation


Don Schram
Secretary, Michigan Beekeepers’ Association
Barbara Applebee
President, Mid-Michigan Beekeepers Club

Hello Beekeepers,

The calls pledging help are rolling in, and the MBA greatly appreciates all the efforts that everyone is going through to help one of our own in the beekeeping community.

We’d like to keep you updated about the disaster that occurred to David and Sandy Anthony last week. Last Thursday, when torrential storms came through the mid-Michigan area, Anthony Bee Farms found themselves the victim of flood waters. The flash flood devastated not only their home, but also swept hundreds of hives downstream. The future of Anthony Bee Farms looked bleak. Some salvage of bee colonies began on Sunday, but was halted due to weather and the poor conditions for searching for potential survivor colonies. Simply put, it’s too muddy to search and recover at the moment.

David and his family are appreciative of all the efforts the beekeeping community is going through to lend a hand and save his operation. He is currently waiting on the insurance company to come out and photograph and document the damage, before further recovery and clean up take place.

But the Michigan Beekeepers’ Association, and the many affiliate clubs that compose us, are not sitting by idle. We are asking for donations of bees and beekeeping equipment to help restore David Anthony’s operation. We are asking for help to rebuild a beekeeper who has helped us all. MBA President, Terry Toland, has secured a bee yard near Almont to temporarily house donated bees and will provide for their care until the Anthonys can take possession of them.

If you have hives that need to be split, please consider making an extra nuc for David. If you are called to capture a swarm, again, please consider donating it in this time of need. Extra boxes, bottom boards and covers are also helpful and will be put to good use. If you can help donate your time, please stand ready, as the time will be coming to search for and salvage equipment. We are not asking for money, although some clubs and members have asked how to contribute a cash donation. We are only asking for bees, equipment and your time.

If you can help, please contact MBA President, Terry Toland, at 248-421-6601 or at . Pick up of your items can be arranged.

Thank you, and please pass the word. We are all in this together
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Good Morning Fellow Beekeepers

I just received devastating news from Terry Toland. During the storms we had the past few days Dave Anthonys has been flooded out. He has lost almost everything. Terry has ask for our club to help support rebuilding Dave Bees.

For those who can donate a hive, queens with a few frames of comb, etc. We will be accepting any cash donations as well and will be hosting bake sales maybe even a dinner to help rais money to help Dave out.

For right now Terry is just asking for commitment of help as Dave and Sandy are concentrating on getting their house back in order right now. There will be more information to pass along in the short future. There will also be need of help cleaning and getting there things set up and in order.

Anyone interested in donating a hive or anything else please get with me. Thank you for your help and support.

Donations can be sent to Mid- Michigan Beekeepers Club C/O Barb Applebee, President 4820 Chambers Road Mayville MI 48744

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Good Afternoon Fellow Beekeepers,

With May is just a few days away, it is time for Mid-Michigan Beekeepers Club Meeting.

When: Thursday May 3rd, 2012

Where: Richfield Township Hall 5381 N. State Road
Davison MI 48423

Time: doors open at 6:30p.m. Meeting starts at 7:00p.m.

Our guest speaker for our May meeting is Don Schram. Don will be talking on bees swarming, and what we can do to prevent that. He will also be touching base on a “quick and dirty splits” in your hives.

In touching base on the swarming and quick & dirty splits will help Beekeepers know what to do before their hives swarm and help. Those Beekeepers who are serious on learning a basic level class on splitting and making queens.

Any Beekeepers wanting to commit to a Queen Rearing class in June, please sign up with me, we need at least 15 people.

We will be also doing a Bee Trivia with 36 questions to see what else we can learn about honey bees.

[size=15]Please bring your cages back to this meeting if you haven’t returned them to Dave Anthony already. I will contact him and have his come to the meeting and pick up the cages.

How did your bee installation go? I haven't heard from too many people how their bee installation went. Does anyone have any comments?

I personally want to apologize to all you beekeepers who have ordered bees this year and for the confusion upon pickup. I didn't think they would come in that early with the weather we were having. I needed to get away before my surgery. We will have a different set up next year when it comes to our bee order. I promise better organization.

I also would like to give Sabrina Van Dyke credit for being good tough sport. She had helped out Greg Tobin by installing his bees and was attacked by his colony. The bees swarmed into her head net. She was by herself and ran to the neighbors for help and went to the emergency room. The doctor “pulled” out the stingers and gave her a shot. Isn’t it funny how doctors don’t know that pulling stingers out just adds more venom to the victim?

I would like to ask you as a group what type of float can we come up with using the theme “It’s a Bright Sunflower Day!” The Mayville Sunflower Festival Parade is Friday July 27th at 6:00p.m. Looking for a few volunteers to help out and help pass out flyers. Parade last about hour-hour half.

Rough idea I thought of for a float was decorating a flower bed with sunflowers, have a few (human) bees act like their pollinating the flowers and each time they pollinate the flower the bees can pull up the sunflower and make it look like it growing with their pollination.

The float will be decorated with sunflowers and bees four signs on the float.

One sign stating “MICHIGAN LOCAL BEEKEEPERS help make “It a Bright Sunflower Day!” (On Back of the trailer)

One sign stating Mid- Michigan Beekeepers Club Davison first Thursday of the month at 7p.m. at 5381 N. State Road Davison MI (on front of truck)

Two sign stating; “Michigan Honey Festival July 28th Imlay City Fairgrounds” with address, time, hand out flyers also with directions. (On side of the trailer)

I am looking into getting some flower seeds that we can pass out also.

On a final note I would like to thank everyone for their patience with my return response in emails the past few weeks. As most of you know I had gall bladder surgery on April 11th, and this past weekend April 24th, I tripped on a rug runner in my house and injured my (L) knee. Double sprained, along torn ligaments, cartridges, muscles and more. They said it would have been better if I broke it, as it would heal faster then it will. So when you see me this week I will be using a walker.

Thank you to Wilda & Jim Dodder, who lent me their walker to use.

I also want to thank Wilda and the Mid-Michigan Beekeepers club for the beautiful plant you sent me at the time of my surgery. Thank you for thinking of me.

Look forward to seeing you all this week. Take care and have a great week.

Barb [/size]
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Registration Fees:

Paid At-the-Door
MBA Member, 2-Day: $25.00
MBA Member, 1-Day: $15.00
MBA Member Spouse/Guest: $15.00
Non-Member, 2-Day: $45.00
Non-Member, 1-Day: $25.00
Non-Member Spouse/Guest: $20.00

MBA has reserved a block of rooms at the Kellogg Center which are available on a first-come-first-served basis. Normal rates at the Kellogg Center range from $125 to $162 per night. Mention that you are with the MBA conference and the room is available for $86 per night (single or double). Plus applicable fees, state and local taxes.

If you are planning to stay at the Kellogg Center, then we suggest that you make your reservations early.

Meals can be obtained at the Kellogg Center’s State Room, but early reservations are recommended. Also, the Brody Complex Cafeteria is available directly across the street from the Kellogg Center. The cafeteria is definitely not what you remember it to be back in the days you were attending college. Reliable reports have this cafeteria to be very reasonably priced, with very good food and it is certainly convenient.

Schedule of Events:
New this year, we will be organizing the classes and break-out sessions along “tracks”. For example, there will be a track specifically oriented toward beginning beekeepers and another targeted at the intermediate and advanced beekeepers. The content of most tracks will be repeated on both days (particularly the beginner’s track), as well as some other classes scheduled as resources permit.

Click here for a list of classes.
Please note: If you want a list of classes, please print ahead of time and bring it with you. Only a limited number of copies will be available at the conference.

Click here for a schedule of events.

Vendors will be located in the Lincoln room. The vendors are always a very popular event. You can see what’s new in beekeeping and purchase equipment and supplies for the upcoming season. Most vendors will bring items to the conference for sale and some are accepting pre-conference orders (you save on shipping!). Please support our vendors, as they help make the spring conference possible.

As of this posting, vendors currently committed to attend are…
Turtlebee Farms
Steller Apiaries
Blackmore-Rowe Insurance
Bee Natura LLC & Bee Net
Cutler’s Supply
Don Schram
Lam’s Honeybees
Wracan and Son Honey
AWS Bees
S&Bee Honey Containers
Golden Harvest Apiaries
Bee Natura LLC & Bee Net
Wicwas Press
The Mill
Northern Bee, LLC

Silent Auction
As before, there will be a silent auction to raise funds for the MBA. Items will be on display outside the Lincoln (vendor) Room. If you have an item(s) that you wish to donate, then please contact Dean or Lois Cross at 517-694-9619. Bid early, bid often, bid high!

Putting on the conference is a lot of work and we can always use volunteers to help us along. We can use help with a short setup on Thursday evening, handing out material in the classes and general session, assistance with at-the-door registration and post-conference evaluation. Even if you only have a short time available, any help is greatly appreciated. Contact Steve Tilmann, MBA Treasurer.

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Good Afternoon Fellow Beekeepers,

It is getting that time again for our monthly beekeeper meeting this Thursday March 1st 2012 at 7:00p.m., doors open at 6:30pm. Where: Richfield Township Hall 5381 N. State Rd., Davison, MI 48423. We have another guest speaker who will be talking on the insurance part of beekeeping, and taking any questions you may have concerning your business.

We will also have a guess speaker for April who will speaking on the business aspect of beekeeping. He was not available for this months meeting.

Also remember that in 12 days will be the MBA ANR Week Spring Conference in East Lansing. They have room available at the Kelloggs Conference center for like $86.00 a night.

Remember to pay your MBA dues to the club treasurer and check out the MBA website for the schedule of classes.

The final schedule will not be available until late Thursday afternoon on the 8th. I am still looking for a few more volunteers to help work the table during ANR week, please get with me,as there are a few classes I would like to take.

Check the forecast early that week and the weather looks bad think on going down early for safety precautions.

Look forward to seeing you on thursday. Stay warm


Barb Applebee, President
Mid-Michigan Beekeepers Club
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[b][size=13]Any one intersted in ordering Italian bees or Woodware price list from Bob Hollis email me at and I will email you the forms. For some reason I am not allowed to down load his woodware papers on this website. I have tried several times and its not posting to here.


MMBC President
Views: 24964 | Added by: Sweetpea | Date: 2012-02-15 | Comments (0)

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