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Is this something that MBA could investigate and perhaps help John Bacon? I do not have Terry Toland's email address so if you could forward to Terry it would be appreciated.

A few days ago I received this email from a person that is part of the WFW event. This persons name the info is about is Mr Bacon an X WWII POW a friend, and Veteran. Because it is about a Veteran that spoke at our Walleyes For Warriors event the last 2 years I thought you may be interested supporting him. Mr Bacon is a proud Veteran of the Auburn, Mi community. I wanted to pass it along to each of you for that reason. This 93 yr old Veteran needs our support. Remember the words cover my back and I got yours? He does not need the stress at his age. If you feel like supporting this man call the Williams Township office at 989 662 4408 and ask why? I think we can make a difference by giving him our support. I have contacted a few news papers. NO TV yet. Nels

I live in Auburn where we have a very special neighbor by the name of John Bacon. John is 93 years old. He is one of the oldest living POWs in the United States, and has been a beekeeper since 1953 at his home just a few houses from mine.

John rents his bees to farmers then collects and sells honey to keep himself busy at his age. He walks everyday and is always willing to stop and tell war stories to anyone that will listen.

Last week one person complained that they were stung by one of John's bees. John told them that if they could prove it was one of his honey bees and not the several other species of bees, hornets, or wasps in the area he'd be glad to move them.

The person complained to the city and now the city wants to take John's bees from him leaving him with nothing to do. John's bees were grandfathered in and are protected until he passes. However, the city manager, Jo Ella Krantz, has found a loop hole to get rid of his bees.

John is a hero of WWII, as a POW he was imprisoned for many months behind enemy lines. He has been an inspiration to the Auburn community and people everywhere that know him. The bees help him deal with what happened to him all those years ago.

John was in the forced march in Germany during WWII and put on display by our enemy at the time.

Don't let one person and a city government shut down a hero that can no longer defend himself. Please, show up at the city council meeting on September 17 th at 7:00 pm to support John.

I would love to see as many vets on Motorcycles as possible and busses of dressed vetrans here to support a hero.

Thank you

Roger and Mary Sutherland
5488 Warren Rd.
Ann Arbor, MI 48105

734-646-8551 cell
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The MBA Website is currently being worked on. Please keep trying to enter the website if you are trying to register for teh Fall Conference on October 5 & 6. Also you can contact Ann Leonard at
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