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[size=14]Flood Seriously Impacts Anthony’s Bee Farm – MBA Requests Your Help


Don Schram
Secretary, Michigan Beekeepers’ Association
Hello Beekeepers,

Watching the news, I’m sure you’re aware of the disastrous flooding that has occurred in the mid-Michigan area near Flint in the past couple days. We’re receiving reports that high flood waters claimed the operation of our former MBA president and one of our most active club members, David Anthony and Anthony’s Bee Farm.

Currently, David and his family are concentrating their efforts on their home and salvaging possessions lost when the flood waters rose after the intense storms that rolled through the area on Thursday evening. The search for his hives has not yet begun, but where the hives were located, the water is standing 3 feet deep. He speculates that over 250 hives are lost, either underwater or swept somewhere downstream, and that this disaster spells the end of his operation.

The Michigan Beekeepers’ Association feels differently.

In brief conversations with the MBA board, some of the local clubs that help make up the MBA, along with some of the membership, it is consensus that we will not let such a key member of Michigan beekeeping go quietly. We are asking for your support in helping to rebuild David Anthony.

If you can help, in any way, please stand ready! We are waiting to hear from David and his wife, Sandy, as to what their needs are. We are anticipating the dire need for bees. If you can donate a hive, raise a few extra queens, contribute a caught swarm, or even lend a frame of brood to make a split from, we need your help! Donations need not be monetary! Your time, and any equipment and bees you can spare, in addition to your good thoughts, are what is needed at this time of emergency.

The Michigan Beekeepers’ Association is dedicated to helping our own. Please, help us help each other.

Donations and offers of assistance should be directed to your local bee club or to Terry Toland, MBA president.
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Update on Dave Anthony’s Situation


Don Schram
Secretary, Michigan Beekeepers’ Association
Barbara Applebee
President, Mid-Michigan Beekeepers Club

Hello Beekeepers,

The calls pledging help are rolling in, and the MBA greatly appreciates all the efforts that everyone is going through to help one of our own in the beekeeping community.

We’d like to keep you updated about the disaster that occurred to David and Sandy Anthony last week. Last Thursday, when torrential storms came through the mid-Michigan area, Anthony Bee Farms found themselves the victim of flood waters. The flash flood devastated not only their home, but also swept hundreds of hives downstream. The future of Anthony Bee Farms looked bleak. Some salvage of bee colonies began on Sunday, but was halted due to weather and the poor conditions for searching for potential survivor colonies. Simply put, it’s too muddy to search and recover at the moment.

David and his family are appreciative of all the efforts the beekeeping community is going through to lend a hand and save his operation. He is currently waiting on the insurance company to come out and photograph and document the damage, before further recovery and clean up take place.

But the Michigan Beekeepers’ Association, and the many affiliate clubs that compose us, are not sitting by idle. We are asking for donations of bees and beekeeping equipment to help restore David Anthony’s operation. We are asking for help to rebuild a beekeeper who has helped us all. MBA President, Terry Toland, has secured a bee yard near Almont to temporarily house donated bees and will provide for their care until the Anthonys can take possession of them.

If you have hives that need to be split, please consider making an extra nuc for David. If you are called to capture a swarm, again, please consider donating it in this time of need. Extra boxes, bottom boards and covers are also helpful and will be put to good use. If you can help donate your time, please stand ready, as the time will be coming to search for and salvage equipment. We are not asking for money, although some clubs and members have asked how to contribute a cash donation. We are only asking for bees, equipment and your time.

If you can help, please contact MBA President, Terry Toland, at 248-421-6601 or at . Pick up of your items can be arranged.

Thank you, and please pass the word. We are all in this together
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