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Hello Friends,
This morning I was out in my barn building, what else, hive boxes, when my wife called me. My neighbors, Mike and Carol, have been babysitting two nephews, Luke 10 and Zack 11, and a niece, Nina 6, while his brother and sister were in Florida to attend a wedding. Yesterday they were riding bikes down to the corner and back when Zack and Luke saw my 'honey for sale' sign. They had to have some. Mike told them maybe tomorrow. Mike found out last night and this morning just how persistent his nephews are. They reminded him about every ten minutes about his, what they now considered, promise to them. Funny how you can tell your kids "maybe" and fifteen minutes later it becomes "but you promised". Anyway, Mike told them this morning that he would keep the alleged promise and call to see if we would sell them some honey. Of course my wife, Lee, told him, and then promptly called me in from the barn because she hadn't put her make up on yet and didn't want to frighten the children. I think she's plenty beautiful without it but, hey, who really knows girls right?
Our dogs announced visitors on the porch as they always do, loudly, and I greeted Mike who in turn introduced me to his nephews and niece. When the kids saw the jars of honey lined up on top of the refrigerator they were very impressed. "Wow you sure have a lot of honey." Nina said. "How much do you have?" asked Zack". "How do you make it?" asked Luke. "Where do you keep your bees? How much can they make? How do they make it?" etc. The questions came rapid fire with hardly a chance to answer one before the next one launched. I both envied and felt sorry for Mike, who looked a little tired. These kids were curious, precocious, energetic and had a serious need to know attitude. I loved it. Mike was a little concerned they might overwhelm me but he needn't be. I never tire of talking about my bees. Just ask my wife.
I was in my glory. I took the kids and Mike out to the barn to show them some real bee stuff. I showed them some new hives ready for occupation and some combed out frames from last year with capped honey on them. "Watch this" I said, as I dipped my finger right into that capped honey and scooped out some of the liquid gold and placed in my mouth. Their eyes were as big as saucers. I told them to try it which the eagerly did. "Mmmmm, that's good" they said. Then, the questions, which never really did stop, came even more feverishly. Basically it became a beekeeping 101 class. It was a blast! It was good practice for the presentations I will be making at a local elementary school later this month as well. Then, they saw my chickens and off we went again. But I won't go into that. Suffice it to say I was inspired anew.
Which brings me to April's bee club meeting. We will all be inspired by John Dusek. John owns Faber's Greenhouse in St. Charles, MI and is a wonderful speaker from what I've heard. I haven't had the pleasure of meeting John yet, so I look forward to it. John is spearheading a very ambitious project to create a honey bee path across the USA. He is an expert on plants of many varieties and, in particular to us, plants which are beneficial to honey bees. Want to help your honey bees by having some plants around that they love? Want to know what to plant that will provide nectar and pollen when everything else seems dormant or past its use for the honey bees? This is the meeting for you. Come join us Thursday, April 1st at 7:00 pm at the Richfield Township Hall located at 5381 N. State Rd, Davison, MI. We are a very friendly and informal group. Just wear a smile and stop by and say howdy.

Jim Withers
Mid Michigan Beekeepers Club

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The Busy Bees 4-H group would like to extend a THANK-YOU out to Dave Anthony and The Saginaw Valley Beekeepers for their generous donation to our newly formed Beekeepers 4-H club. Your kindness was greatly appreciated.

Busy Bees 4-H Group
Barb Applebee, Secretary

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