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Extraction Room Temperature
LumpyGravyDate: Sunday, 2009-06-21, 8:47 PM | Message # 1
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So what temperature would I want to keep a warming room at to liquefy honey that has granulated in some last falls supers that haven't been extracted yet????? - Scottaus

NOTE- this has been up on the shout board for a long nime but no answer has been posted so maybe it has been missed sad

JimDate: Wednesday, 2009-07-01, 3:10 PM | Message # 2
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Here's a piece of an article that might help:

The Honey
Honey should if possible be strained directly from the extractor but if it has
started to granulate in the comb it will not go through a fine strainer. In this
situation it may be either warmed immediately, strained and stored in buckets or
it may be run straight into buckets. In this case, before it is bottled it must be
warmed until it becomes liquid, and strained. Of course for your own use you do
not have to strain it at all.
Honey that is bottled immediately it has been extracted may set very hard in the
jar and be difficult to remove. To avoid this first store it in honey buckets and
when it is required warm it gently until it is runny enough to bottle.
It is easy to build a warming box for your honey and it may be warmed by two 40
watt platform to place the honey buckets, under which can be set the light bulbs.
To warm crystallized honey to the point of being able to bottle it, place the
buckets in the warming cabinet at a temperature of 90-105 °F for 2 to 4 days.
When stirred this will be at a good consistency for bottling and not set hard again
(probably). To reduce honey to a clear liquid increase the temperature to no
more than 120 °F for 2 days. This will take some experimenting with since larger
containers take longer than smaller ones. Do be careful not to over heat honey or
it tastes like toffee!
To bottle honey you do need a HONEY GATE set into the side of a bucket at its
lower edge. It is no fun to try pouring honey into jars or ladling it with a soup

I built a warming box with two 40 watt light bulbs and use a dimmer switch (rheostat) to control how much heat I put into the box. It's just a box big enough for two 5 gallon buckets lined with 1" styrofoam insulation. I keep a thermometer in there and keep a close eye on it until I get it up to the temperature I want and then adjust the switch until I find the the adjustment that keeps it there. The important thing is don't overheat the honey. anything over about 120 degrees is too much and removes many of honey's healthy benefits. Also heat will darken the honey. Good luck


Forum - Swarm Call - local items for sale » Open Discussion Area » Bee Related » Extraction Room Temperature (Need to extract granulated honey from last season)
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