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Directory, please let me know at the following address: I will be closing the directory date on May 13, 2010 so that I can get our directory printed up and ready for our June Meeting. The directory was created for all beekeepers. I will have extra pages in the back of the book so you have room to add more members later on. You choose what portion you want published in the directory. Please pass this on to all beekeepers in all groups.

The following information as your provide it will appear in our directory.

You’re Name: ______________________________________________________________

You’re Business/Farm/Apiaries Name: ____________________________________

Address: __________________________________________________________________

City/State/Zip: _____________________________________________________________

Home Phone: ______________________________________________________________

Cellular Phone: _____________________________________________________________

Email address: ______________________________________________________________

Beekeepers Club: ______________________________

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Just a reminder to all having problems logging in and using our site to try FIREFOX as your browser..

If you need it pick it up here!
Views: 5396 | Added by: LumpyGravy | Date: 2010-03-29 | Comments (0)

Hello Friends,
This morning I was out in my barn building, what else, hive boxes, when my wife called me. My neighbors, Mike and Carol, have been babysitting two nephews, Luke 10 and Zack 11, and a niece, Nina 6, while his brother and sister were in Florida to attend a wedding. Yesterday they were riding bikes down to the corner and back when Zack and Luke saw my 'honey for sale' sign. They had to have some. Mike told them maybe tomorrow. Mike found out last night and this morning just how persistent his nephews are. They reminded him about every ten minutes about his, what they now considered, promise to them. Funny how you can tell your kids "maybe" and fifteen minutes later it becomes "but you promised". Anyway, Mike told them this morning that he would keep the alleged promise and call to see if we would sell them some honey. Of course my wife, Lee, told him, and then promptly called me in from the barn because she hadn't put her make up on yet and didn't want to frighten the children. I think she's plenty beautiful without it but, hey, who really knows girls right?
Our dogs announced visitors on the porch as they always do, loudly, and I greeted Mike who in turn introduced me to his nephews and niece. When the kids saw the jars of honey lined up on top of the refrigerator they were very impressed. "Wow you sure have a lot of honey." Nina said. "How much do you have?" asked Zack". "How do you make it?" asked Luke. "Where do you keep your bees? How much can they make? How do they make it?" etc. The questions came rapid fire with hardly a chance to answer one before the next one launched. I both envied and felt sorry for Mike, who looked a little tired. These kids were curious, precocious, energetic and had a serious need to know attitude. I loved it. Mike was a little concerned they might overwhelm me but he needn't be. I never tire of talking about my bees. Just ask my wife.
I was in my glory. I took the kids and Mike out to the barn to show them some real bee stuff. I showed them some new hives ready for occupation and some combed out frames from last year with capped honey on them. "Watch this" I said, as I dipped my finger right into that capped honey and scooped out some of the liquid gold and placed in my mouth. Their eyes were as big as saucers. I told them to try it which the eagerly did. "Mmmmm, that's good" they said. Then, the questions, which never really did stop, came even more feverishly. Basically it became a beekeeping 101 class. It was a blast! It was good practice for the presentations I will be making at a local elementary school later this month as well. Then, they saw my chickens and off we went again. But I won't go into that. Suffice it to say I was inspired anew.
Which brings me to April's bee club meeting. We will all be inspired by John Dusek. John owns Faber's Greenhouse in St. Charles, MI and is a wonderful speaker from what I've heard. I haven't had the pleasure of meeting John yet, so I look forward to it. John is spearheading a very ambitious project to create a honey bee path across the USA. He is an expert on plants of many varieties and, in particular to us, plants which are beneficial to honey bees. Want to help your honey bees by having some plants around that they love? Want to know what to plant that will provide nectar and pollen when everything else seems dormant or past its use for the honey bees? This is the meeting for you. Come join us Thursday, April 1st at 7:00 pm at the Richfield Township Hall located at 5381 N. State Rd, Davison, MI. We are a very friendly and informal group. Just wear a smile and stop by and say howdy.

Jim Withers
Mid Michigan Beekeepers Club

Views: 1345 | Added by: Jim | Date: 2010-03-28 | Comments (0)

The Busy Bees 4-H group would like to extend a THANK-YOU out to Dave Anthony and The Saginaw Valley Beekeepers for their generous donation to our newly formed Beekeepers 4-H club. Your kindness was greatly appreciated.

Busy Bees 4-H Group
Barb Applebee, Secretary

Views: 1004 | Added by: Sweetpea | Date: 2010-03-27 | Comments (0)

Sales Order




  April 10, 2010   May 13, 2010    
  1 to 24       2 lb. Packages of Bees $58.00        
  25 to 60   2 lb.  Packages of Bees $56.00        
  61 to 99    2 lb.  Packages of Bees $54.50        
  100 or more 2 lb. Packages of Bees $53.00        
  1 to 24 3 lb. Packages of Bees $68.00        
  25 to 60 3 lb. Packages of Bees $66.00        
  61 to 99 3 lb. Package of Bees $64.50        
  100 or more 3 lb. Packages of Bees $63.00        
    April 10, 2010     May 13, 2010    
  Italian Queens unmarked (include Date April or May) $17.00          
  Italian Queens marked (include Date April or May) $18.50          
Bob Hollis


Matt Glaser


Views: 3037 | Added by: LumpyGravy | Date: 2010-03-22 | Comments (0)

    GOLDEN HARVEST APIARIES / Bob Hollis Spring Special

    Cell #: 810-338-1523 COMMERCIAL WOODENWARE

    Home #: 810-673-3058        Rabbit joints glued and Stapled       Finger jointed glued and Screwed 

ASSEMBLED UNASSEMBLED 500.00 Volume Assembled Disc. 500.00 Volume Unasm. Disc
TELE. OUTER COVER $14.50 $12.50 $13.75 $11.90
INNER COVER $6.00   $5.70  
9 5/8 DEEP BODY  (Box / Finger joint corners) & Screwed $13.50 $10.00 $12.80 $9.50
6 5/8 SUPER   (Box /Finger joint corners) Screwed $11.50 $8.00 $10.90 $7.60
9 5/8 DEEP BODY (Rabbit/dato corners) $11.50 $9.50 $10.90 $9.00
6 5/8 SUPER (Rabbit/dato corners) $9.50 $7.50 $8.80 $7.15
5 3/4 SUPER (cut comb) (rabbit corners) $9.00 $7.00 $8.55 $6.65
BOTTOM BOARDS $10.00 $8.75 $9.50 $8.30
NUC BOX COMPLETE (includes lid, inner cover, and bottom board ( 5 frames add $3.75 unasm ) or ($5.00 assembled ) $16.50 $14.00 $15.70 $13.30
TOP FEEDERS (Includes Floaters) $16.50 $14.25 $15.45 $13.55
NUC BOX TOP FEEDER (Includes Floats) $13.00 $11.25 $11.90 $10.20
#1 COMPLETE HIVE KIT (outer cover asm, inner cover asm, 1 deep, bottom board asm, 10 frames) 10 Plastic ell foundations add $11. 00  52.00 Rabbited                 54.00 Finger Joint
44.25 Rabbited 44.75 Finger Joint
         49.40 Rabbited  

     51.00 Finger Joint

        42.00 Rabbited  

    42.50 Finger Joint

#2 COMPLETE HIVE KIT (outer cover , inner cover asm, 2 deep body’s, 2 med. Body’s, bottom board asm, 40 frames) 40 Plastic ell foundations add $44.00 112.00 Rabbited 120.00 Finger Joint           89.25 Rabbited    

          91.25 Finger Joint

106.40 Rabbited 114.00 Finger Joint         84.80 Rabbited     

  86.70 Finger Joint

#3 COMPLETE HIVE KIT (outer cover , inner cover asm, 5 medium body’s, bottom board asm, 20 frames) 50 Plastic ell foundations add $55.00 125.00 Rabbited 138.00 Finger Joint    102.25 Rabbited   

  104.75 Finger Joint

118.75 Rabbited

131.00 Finger Joint

         97.10 Rabbited   

    99.55 Finger Joint

COMMERCIAL FRAMES for deep, medium, shallow hive body’s wedge or grove tops, grove or split bottom bars $1.00 $0.75 100+ 64.00 1000 + 62.00
Views: 3165 | Added by: LumpyGravy | Date: 2010-03-18 | Comments (2)

      *****Here is the bee order info previously not included for Don Schram's bee's! Sorry it was missed!******


Once again, I am collecting orders for Spring 2010 nucs, from both Jester Bee and the Huron City Bee Co.

Information about the bees produced by Jester Bee is available at: Bees produced by Jester Bee this year are being sold as a "Dark Bee" with hygienic qualities. With Northern genetics and good production characteristics, along with bred gentleness, Jester's Dark Bee is sure to please most beekeepers. In speaking with Kevin Jester throughout the 2009 year, he has made several positive changes and is advancing his beekeeping and nuc production program.

The Huron City Bee Co. is located in Port Hope, Michigan, and is owned and operated by myself. The pride of my operation is in what I call the development of the "Otisville Queen", which is a hygienic bee of mixed origin. Stock that my queens are bred from has been 13 years without medications for nosema, foulbrood and mites. Mite loads have been far below average and survivability from year after year is very good. Inspected by both the State of Michigan Department of Agriculture and the State of Florida Division of Plant Industry, comments have been made regarding their gentle nature, calmness on the comb, and productivity in cooler temperatures. Is this the Unicorn Been that beekeepers are looking for? Perhaps, but I'll let you decide. Because of the limited number of nucs being produced this year, orders will be filled on a first come/first served basis. Huron City Bees cannot be guaranteed, and orders will be supplemented by Jester Bee nucs.

Key information regarding all orders:

  • These are 5 frame nucs, in reusable waxed cardboard or corrugated plastic boxes. There is NO 
    required deposit on the nuc boxes, and NO frame exchange necessary.
  • The frames are anticipated to be 3 frames of brood, with a mated and laying queen, in addition 
    to a frame of honey/pollen, and one additional frame to be determined.
  • The target arrival date for the nucs in Michigan is April 24th. The actual date will be dependent 
    on weather and its effect on nuc production and delivery.
  • Price is $92 each, which will include delivery to your choice of White Lake, Ml, or Davison, Ml.
  • A 25% deposit ($23) is required upon placing your order, with the balance ($69) due no later 
    than April 19th. Or, just make one $92 payment. Your choice.
  • There is no maximum number of nucs that can be ordered.
  • Deadline for orders is March 28,2010.

Please make check or money order out and send to:

        D.Schram  290 Reymont Rd., Waterford, Ml. 48327 Please include your name, address, telephone number and email address!

For more information, please call me at (248) 310-8205. (If I'm unavailable, please leave a voice mail. (I work midnights.)) Or, email me at:

Views: 67862 | Added by: LumpyGravy | Date: 2010-03-18 | Comments (9)

*****Here is the bee order info previously not included for Dave Anthony's bee's! Sorry it was missed!******

                 AWS BEES, LLC 

Dave Anthony

1268 Nichols Rd

Swartz Creek, Mi.


Ed Wracan

12090 Bristol Rd Lennon, Mi.


Leo Stevens

9486 Mt Morris Rd.

 Flushing, Mi. 810-639-3640 

            PACKAGE PRICES
  Ito9 10 to 29 30 to 59 60 to 99 100 +
2 LB. PACKAGE $ 63.00 $61.00 $ 60.00 $ 59.00 $ 58.00
3 LB. PACKAGE 73.00 71.00 70.00 69.00


    TERMS: Return Order Form with check for half of order by MARCH 25 to guarantee your order. Balance due upon pick up.   Bees must be picked up within 24 hours of arrival at Anthony Bee Farms, 1268 Nichols, Swartz Creek, Mi. There is a $6.00 deposit on all cages (separate check). Cages must be in good condition for return. Broken cages or with torn screens are not returnable. All syrup cans and queen cages must be removed. A queen found dead or damaged must be returned in its cage for an exchange.








  Quantity ordered Price each (see above) Subtotal
2 Ib. Italian Pkgs      
2 Ib. Carnolian Pkgs.      
3 Ib. Italian Pkg      
3 Ib. Carnolian Pkgs.      
Italian Queensj     Carnolian Queen $20.00 ea  


Mail to: 

AWS BEES, LLC 12090 Bristol Rd.. Lennon, Mi. 48449

Views: 40148 | Added by: LumpyGravy | Date: 2010-03-18 | Comments (0)

Good Morning to All,
The ANR Beekeepers Convention this week was awesome. It was good to see
 15 members of our group there. I brought back a few items that I picked
up that was of interest to our bees.
 If you get a chance, our MBA Fall convention is October 22-23 at the
 Grand Rapids Hilton. You would find this convention very informative
and bring out many other questions you may have.
This Saturday, March 20, 2010 at 12:00p.m., our Busy Bee's 4-H Club will be
meeting at the Home of Jim and Wilda Dodder at 7444 N. State Rd Davison.
All volunteers and 4-hers are asked to wear old clothes, as you will be cleaning,
painting and building frames and more.
If anyone would like to stop in  or there are any youngster who want to join the
4-H group and haven't.
This will be a good experience for the youngster to learn how to clean and paint,
assemble bee hive equipment. If there are any questions, please call Jim  or
Wilda Dodder at 810-399-2750 or 80-653-8547. I will look forward to seeing you
at the club meeting.
Have a great week.
Barb Applebee
Busy Bee's  4- H Secretary
Views: 946 | Added by: Secretary | Date: 2010-03-15 | Comments (0)

Hello Mid-Michigan Beekeepers

I just wanted to remind everyone that our March Beekeepers meeting will be held on March 4, 2010 at the Richfield Center at 7:00p.m. Please try to be early so we can get started early and be done and ready to leave by 8:30p.m.

Also, at this meeting we will be gathering our bee orders as a group for a discount. So remember to bring you checkbooks or cash as bees have to be paid in full upon ordering. If you cannot be there and want to order with the group please contact Jim Dodder at 810-399-2750 or Jim Withers at 810-736-0128.
Thank you for your cooperation and look forward to seeing you on the 4th.

Barb Applebee
Mid-Michigan Beekeepers Club

Views: 1191 | Added by: Secretary | Date: 2010-03-02 | Comments (0)

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